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Home security can get a little overwhelming sometimes. A simple Internet search of home security products produces thousands of results, each page advocating products and practices that will keep you and your home safe. At diy Security Mall quality is king, but what truly sets us apart is our DIY ethic. We can offer the same great home security systems at a mere fraction of what the competition charges because we don't believe your safety and security should be held hostage by exorbitant monthly fees, commitments and contracts. We give you everything you need to easily set up your own security in a way that's best suited to your individual needs.

The diy Security Mall  provides its customers with complete customized home technology solutions. We specialize in the design and installation of professional surveillance systems, security alarms, child safety products,  nanny cameras and access control,  for an entire home solution. We begin by first understanding your needs, then after we know exactly what you want, we design, integrate and install a complete system that will meet or exceed your dreams. With our highly trained professional staff and only the best technology in the industry, there is nothing we can't handle.

Our Process for Custom Projects

It starts when you contact our sales team, where you will go over all your requirements and everything you wish your home could do. We then design a complete solution tailored around your needs to do exactly what you're looking for. Our team will then submit you the overall project outline, and once it is finalized we will move onto step 2, integration.

To implement your vision into reality we know exactly what products work together, and how to integrate them to work to perfection. When you buy our service you don't just get an audio system and a security system, you get a complete home solution that is designed to turn your house into your dream home.

All of the planning and designing in the world means nothing if you don't have the right people to install it, and rest assured we have the knowledge and experience to implement your system. Our installation team will execute your project to its exact specifications, making sure the design and integration are working perfectly with a rigorous inspection before you sign off.

What good is a state-of-the art system, if you do not understand how to operate it... Don't worry, a properly designed system has easy to understand controls.

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